Journey of Practice Online Training – Transforming our Lives Through ITP




ITP International’s Online Global Dojo makes it possible to practice with new and experienced ITP practitioners all over the globe and to bring this practice alive in new, exciting ways.

In this spirit of expansion, we invite you to join us on a new Journey of Practice beginning October 10, completing on March 6. You will be led, in this journey, by ITP Mastery teachers in exploring the origins of Integral Transformative Practice and delve into what those terms mean to each of us. 

The journey is designed to assist each participant to:

  • Create deep, meaningful affirmations to sustain you on your evolutionary path
  • Understand and embody basic ITP practices related to your vision and understanding of purpose
  • Create a deep connection with others on an evolutionary path
  • Receive guidance and support in your own personal expression of ITP

You will also experience the "body as teacher" through Leonard Energy Training (LET) exercises based on the martial art of Aikido, ITP Kata for daily practice, deep inquiry about ITP core practices related to your life and growth and the transformational power of community - wherever you may be.

Launching on October 10, 2020, the program takes place over six months with six 2-hour, live online video conferencing sessions using the Zoom platform. Each will be recorded and made available to participants for later review.

Support materials are provided prior to each session creating a valuable ITP Practice Guide for ongoing usage and reference. All materials will be housed on a Journey Resources age for easy access. Enriching the program experience, and taking advantage of the online format, multimedia aspects (online audio and video) will be included. For support between sessions, participants are encouraged to work with a teacher as well as other Journey members.

Schedule of Sessions (Saturdays from 10am to 12pm Pacific time):

  • Oct 10: Transforming Our Lives Through ITP
  • Nov 14: Authoring and Affirming Our Future
  • Dec 5: Exploring the Theory of Transformation
  • Jan 9: Practicing the Art of Mastery
  • Feb 6: Realizing Lasting Change with the ITP Commitments
  • Mar 6: Inventing and Sustaining Our Own Practice

Registration for this event is $250 for ITP Members, $300 for General Public. If you are experiencing a hardship due to the current circumstances related to Covid, please come and pay what you can. All are welcome. Contact Robert to arrange details. Contact Lucy Piper for program information.


  • What is the starting point for this journey? Visioning exercises to take a pulse of where you are now and want to be; author your future in clear, specific and reachable ways; foundation of ITP, roots in Esalen Institute, intro to core practices, ITP worldview and how an integral approach to personal development supports good health, vitality and balance in one's life - and more!
  • What exactly may you have achieved in your ITP practice by the end of the journey? Review and integration of ITP program: the 9 commitments (portals or practice guidelines) followed by an assessment of what changes are desired most and steps to get there, including crafting affirmations around positive changes desired.
  • Specifically what growth in practice may you take away? An understanding and application of the practice, roadmap for creating changes in body, mind, heart and soul and a supportive community to anchor the process and help accelerate growth; camaraderie and good cheer.
  • If you have taken it once, what is the case for taking it again? As with all ITP practices, the practitioner goes deeper, learns something new as the content and teaching team differ each time as well as the participants. Expands one's network of support.

Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), a research-validated approach for personal and social transformation, was created by Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy and human potential pioneer George Leonard.