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Integral Leadership Training Program 2

Welcome to the registration page for our new Integral Leadership Program. This program is presented and sponsored by ITP International.

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Develop yourself as a leader from the inside out




What's life asking of you now?


In leadership, as in life, practice makes all the difference in the world. 

Integral Leadership delivers an established program of practice for developing yourself as a leader from the inside out. The training, based on key principles from Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), provides a path of self-discovery, a vision for the future and a community of invaluable wisdom and support.


In today's world, we need all aspects of ourselves working together at full capacity. ITP is designed for realizing the highest potential of body, mind, heart and soul. Through a solid base of personal and professional development, you'll be empowered to lead your life with greater balance, vitality and ease. 


Integral Leadership Highlights

  • Engage in visioning for purposeful leadership
  • Identify areas for personal and professional growth and create an action plan to get there
  • Experience restorative mind body exercises for daily revitalizing
  • Learn communication practices for creating greater harmony, flow and resilience
  • Embrace a new model of leadership presence and ongoing renewal in your work


2020 Program Dates

  • Jan 17 - 19 | Retreat at Ralston White Center in Mill Valley, CA
  • Feb 8 | Online Zoom Session
  • Mar 20 - 22 | Aikido of Tamalpais, Corte Madera, CA
  • April 18 | Online Zoom Session
  • May 1 - 3 | Aikido of Tamalpais, Corte Madera, CA
  • June 5 - 7 | Retreat at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
  • June 27 | Online Zoom Session


Additional 4 hours of personal coaching and 3 virtual group sessions listed above are led by Mastery teachers with expertise in all facets of integral practice, corporate consulting and community leadership. 



$2,900 or $3,200 (based on Esalen Institute lodging)

Registration fees include 2 nights lodging and 6 meals at both the first and last weekend retreats (Ralston White Retreat Center & Esalen Institute).

Program is limited to 18 participants.


To get started with the program, fill out the questionnaire below and send it to Robert. A member of our training team will follow up with you promptly to further discuss the program and answer your questions. For more program information, contact Pam Kramer.


Integral Leadership Program FAQs 


Why Integral Leadership? 

In today's world, we need all aspects of ourselves working together at full capacity. Through a solid base of personal and professional development, you'll be empowered to lead your life with greater balance, vitality and ease. A diverse community of leadership practitioners and mastery coaches are there for your encouragement, guidance and support.


How do I know this leadership program is right for me? 

Are you called to step forward into greater impact in your life and work? Have you been wondering, “What is life asking of me now?” Perhaps you know you want to make the world a better place. You can feel there’s a reason you’re alive, and you’re ready to fulfill your mission. You may not be clear what your mission is, but your impulse to grow and to give back is a sign that this program is right for you.  


What are the components of the Integral Leadership journey?

  • Visioning exercises to capture understanding of your current condition, experience it in your whole being and envision a clear picture of the future
  • Participation in a community of practitioners dedicated to supporting your growth and providing a powerful, yet light approach to life’s challenges
  • Integral Transformative Practice, a long-term daily practice conceived by Michael Murphy and George Leonard, the founders of Esalen Institute and creators of the Human Potential Movement, to provide a safe path to your transformation and realization of your latent human potentialities
  • Design of a project based on your innermost values to offer your community and the wide world
  • Restorative exercises for vitalizing your entire being 
  • Practices for listening and responding to your body’s wisdom
  • New model of leadership presence and ongoing renewal in your work
  • Energy training practices to increase awareness and create greater resilience and flow
  • Skillful communication practices for speaking to be heard and listening to understand


What will I experience during this program?

  • Personal growth from the inside out
  • Greater health of body, mind, heart, and soul
  • A daily practice with a pathway toward greater balance and vitality, increasing your power to do what your life is asking of you
  • Envisioning a purpose plan for your future and transformation
  • Practice in communication skills to bring harmony to your relationships and workplace
  • The experience of deeper grounding, the creation of a firm, centered base to return to in times of turmoil
  • Discovery of themes that may lie beneath your vision and be coloring your relationships and decisions
  • A new model of leadership presence and ongoing renewal in your work
  • Clarity on your key leadership challenges
  • Awareness of your leadership patterns, strengths and growth points


What are the key takeaways?                

ITP is a practice that reinforces personal autonomy and the power of intentionality. Based on where you’re starting from and what you put into the process, your growth can be both internal and external. You can experience personal, positive growth and and also develop new ways to contribute your talents to help transform the world. Emphasis is placed on harnessing the energy of the group to support the vision and aspirations of each participant. 


If I have already taken Integral Leadership, what is the case for taking it again?  

The Integral Leadership program reinforces core practices and principles while introducing new material, tools and techniques to cultivate integral development and leadership impact. As with all practices, the practitioner goes deeper. There is an infinite depth of learning to discover about yourself, your capacities and ways to offer your leadership in the world. The more you practice, the greater your growth. You can never step into the same stream twice. In this program, the focus is on learning about yourself, all dimensions, both inner and outer. As you are called to contribute to the world, you are also called toward a fuller realization of your innate potential.


What makes the Integral Leadership Program different from other transformational or leadership programs? 

The ITP Integral Leadership program differs from other development programs in its emphasis on long-term, daily practice as the path to the realization of greater capacities through integration of body, mind, heart and soul. ITP practitioners believe that people perform most effectively and experience greater well being when all aspects of the self are working harmoniously. The sessions of the Integral Leadership program incorporate affirmations to activate the mind, gentle body-based exercises to harness the wisdom of the body, peaceful communication techniques to awaken the heart and emphasis on the power of the community to support practitioners’ growth and deeper connection to the world.  


“Could it be that the human heart and the world’s heart are one in their self-surpassing?  We believe that they are. As we grow in love and strength, we become vehicles for the world’s growth. We bring new sustenance to our families, new joy to our friends, new light to our places of work.” 

The Life We Are Given


Lead Program Facilitators


Pamela KramerMS, is President of ITP International, ITP Mastery teacher and Esalen Institute faculty member. An experienced facilitator and executive coach for organizations, including Peet's Coffee, Blue Shield of CA and Stanford University, Pam guides people to achieve exceptional performance and realize their full potential.


Roger Marsh, is an ITP Mastery teacher, leadership coach, organizational development consultant and author of NexGen Human. Through ITP International and his LLC, Beyond Belief, Roger supports individuals, groups and organizations to access wisdom and fulfill what truly matters.

Kim Kristenson-Lee, is a Leadership and Change Coach, owner of Labyrinth Leadership Group, professional development director for the ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter. She is an ITP Mastery teacher and an advisor at the Center for Purposeful Leadership. She assists people in building leadership capacity for life and work and navigating transition. Kim has 25 years' experience in leadership development and talent management.


Charlotte Hatchhas studied Aikido since 1983 and received the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in 2016. An energy awareness instructor for ITPI for 10 years, Charlotte is Coordinator of ITP Mastery programs and a frequent workshop presenter on ways to bring balance and flow into one's daily life.


Sponsored by ITP International

This program is presented and sponsored by ITP International, a 501(c)3 educational non profit formed in 2005 to steward Integral Transformative Practice and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) is a well-researched program designed to help people realize their greater capacities and awaken the world to its fullest potential. ITP supports positive growth and healthy change of individuals, groups and organizations through dedicated, comprehensive practice, over time.


"A transformative community is a nearly indispensable launching pad for transformation."  

 - Michael Murphy, ITP & Esalen Institute Co-founder

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
Before January 15 $250 (balance of amount paid will be refunded less fee)
January 15 - February 8 $675 (balance of amount paid will be refunded less fee)
After February 8 (second session) Full Program Fee is Due - no refunds






For questions and registration support, contact Robert Stewart: