Focus and Surrender:

Beckoning the Winds of Grace


DoubleTree Hotel | Warren Place
6110 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136


Intentionality holds great power in making lasting change. To create a sharply focused, vivid image of what we are seeking serves to “tune” our being to that precise possibility. In our busy and often distracted lives, that sharp focus and deep intentionality can seem elusive.

George Leonard, one of the founders of ITP, writes eloquently about intentionality being one of the keys to what he calls “Mastery.” Yet, constant focus can often obstruct the flow. When the ego and its relentless striving are released, a portal to grace can emerge. Leonard also writes about the process of surrender. While the two ideas seem contradictory, they are actually both needed to “open the way for grace: news from the universe, a direct connection to the divine.”

Join Mastery teachers Max Gaenslen and Pam Kramer for an exploration of Focus and Surrender and their relationship to everyday life challenges and the transformations you are seeking. As George Leonard writes, “It appears that both focused intentionality and the surrender of ego are necessary for experiencing existence at a fundamental level and creating what often appears miraculous.”

In this workshop, we will examine:

  • Affirmations that speak to our intentionality in bringing about the next step in our transformed self
  • ITP practices that focus on growth and integration of body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Energy exercises to further enhance awareness and cues to the extraordinary world   
  • Meditation to allow for Grace to enter and allow for the highest and best for all

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