Creating Harmony Series

Purposeful Action from the Inside Out


Online only.


In these times of uncertainty, embodying a harmonious state of being may well be the most revolutionary action you can take.

Join us to explore strategies for creating a foundation of peace within ourselves, our relationships and our community. When acting from a place of love, the potential for global transformation is infinite.


In this program you'll receive

  • Insights and support from Emanuel Kuntzelman and Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) teachers on cultivating harmony and cooperation in diverse cultural settings
  • Strategies and practices for engaging in a new cultural space using insights from Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), Non Violent Communications (NVC) and the martial art of Aikido
  • Integral practice tips for continued momentum in social action
  • Inspiration from a supportive community of fellow practitioners 


Creating Harmony Series Details

Dates: April 1, May 13, June 3 and August 5

Info Session Call Times: 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Pacific Time Zone

Not in the San Francisco Bay area? Use this handy time zone converter to find your specific start time.


Session Overview

Sessions will be held online using Zoom video conferencing from 9-10:15 am PDT, offering an opportunity to be in practice with community members from around the globe. 

Each session begins with an overview and Q&A with social entrepreneur Emanuel Kuntzelman, Greenheart International and Global Purpose Movement founder, followed by conversation with teachers and the community.


Session 1: April 1 - Harmony from Within

  • Conversation with Charlotte Hatch, ITP Mastery and Aikido Teacher
  • Practices for embodying self-awareness


Session 2: May 13 -  Harmony in Relationship

  • Conversation with Shu Liu, Non-Violent Communication Practitioner
  • Strategies for heart-centered communications 


Session 3: June 3 - Harmony in Community

  • Conversation with Marcia Beauchamp, Democracy Educator
  • Tools for establishing a culture of harmony


Session 4: August 5 - Harmony in the World

  • Conversation with Sally Mahe, Sr. Consultant, United Religions Initiative
  • Guidance on nurturing understanding among diverse groups           


$100 to participate / $90 for ITPI & Think Tank members

Register today as space is limited to 25 people for an intimate, community experience. 

We want you to join us! Pay what you can. Contact Robert Stewart to make arrangements.


About Your Creating Harmony Hosts:

Emanuel Kuntzelman facilitates the Creating Harmony series. He is the Founder of Greenheart International and an ITPI Board Member. He will share insights on ways each one of us can contribute to transforming society and the planet. Emanuel is a social entrepreneur, philosopher, environmentalist and lifelong seeker of spiritual understanding.


Marcia Beauchamp is a skilled administrator, educator, workshop leader, writer and speaker with a doctorate in philosophy of religion and a strong background in Western Philosophy, U.S. history, First Amendment issues, conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue and public education policy.


Sally Mahé is a Global organizational leadership professional with experience building a global network of grassroots activists and developing an international staff. Committed to visionary, ethical and effective practices, undertaken with integrity, sound organizational principles and fiscal responsibility.


Shu Liu has been a lifelong learner across many disciplines. He has degrees in mechanical engineering and materials science. He currently works as a software engineer and is also a yoga instructor. Shu recently completed an 8-month training in Nonviolent Communication and continues to practice and share the teachings.


Charlotte Hatch has been practicing ITP since its inception in 1992 when she was a member of George and Michael's "experimental group." She is an ITP Mastery teacher and co-founded ITP San Francisco in 2006.  Charlotte is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido and brings her background and wisdom of ITP and Aikido into our ITP trainings and public events.


If you have questions about the online series, or are having problems with any of the links above, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Stewart at ITPI for assistance.


We look forward to connecting with you during our Creating Harmony online series!