Core Practice Series

Practice & Play with ITP!


Aikido of Tamalpais
142 Redwood Ave
Corte Madera, CA 94925


ITPI is excited to present our Spring ITP Core Practice series! Led by ITP Mastery teachers, the afternoon sessions are designed to explore ways this powerful practice can help you grow, transform and realize your potential in body, mind, heart and soul.


Both newcomers and experienced practitioners can benefit in these ways:

  • Connect to the ITP community for learning, a deepening into the practice and fun
  • Enjoy giving and receiving support in a safe container that honors mutual respect, personal choice and positive transformation
  • Experience the ITP Kata and Leonard Energy Training exercises to enhance your vital flow of energy for heightened awareness, peaceful interactions and delight
  • Awaken to aliveness and expansive feeling when integrating your body, mind, heart and soul

All sessions are held on Saturday afternoons, 1 - 5 pm at Aikido of Tamalpais in Corte Madera, CA.


March 30
Body/Mind - with Charlotte Hatch and Donita Decker

Explore the relationship of your body and mind and how these two parts of your being intersect, often harmoniously and sometimes in opposition. Learn ways to increase congruence and a greater respect for that relationship.


May 25 - To be rescheduled
Integration & Evolution of ITP - with Barry Robbins and Donita Decker

Discover how all your parts - body, mind, heart and soul - can be activated into a dynamic flow of interconnection, wholeness and full potential. Learn about the evolving nature of ITP and how its roots in science are reflected in ITP's worldview and core practices.


June 8
Heart/Soul - with Sally Mahé and Pam Kramer

Uncover the desires and intentions of your heart and soul and your experience of each separately and in unison. Increase your awareness of how these aspects of your being may feel at odds and then brought into greater accord.