Entering History: The Aims and Foundations of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP)

October 17th, 2018 6:30 PM  through  December 10th, 2018 9:00 PM

Entering History: The Aims and Foundations of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) - scroll to the bottom to register
In this three-part series, Michael Murphy will trace the emergence of ITP as the foundational practice rooted in the worldview outlined in his seminal work, The Future of the Body. Created by Michael and human potential pioneer George Leonard in 1992, ITP embraces the co-evolution of the whole person, awakening our many parts – body, mind, heart and soul – over the span of a lifetime. An evolving practice for people worldwide, ITP can be practiced on one’s own, with family and friends or with an ITP community of practitioners.
“We believe that by the very nature of things, each of us carries a spark of divinity in every cell and that we have the potential to manifest powers of body, mind, heart and soul beyond our present ability to imagine.”
-  George Leonard & Michael Murphy, The Life we are Given
3-Part Series Schedule:
Wednesday, October 17
Lecture One: The Taxonomy of Supernormal Attributes that inform ITP
In this session, Michael will present his methodology for identifying supernormal attributes outlined in The Future of the Body. Dating back to our animal ancestry, Michael will describe how these attributes have evolved to the present time.
Tuesday, November 6
Lecture Two: The Co-evolution of Empirical Disclosure and Interpretive Frameworks in ITP
In this second session, Michael will focus on direct occult and mystical experience, extraordinary changes in psychophysical functioning and resulting alterations of our relationships to the world at large.
Monday, December 10
Lecture Three: The Further Reaches of Human Advance
In session three, Michael will outline the research, practices and interpretive frameworks of ITP directed toward and evidenced by a variety of supernormal expressions of our human nature.
The sessions will begin at 6:30 pm with a reception and time to visit. The presentation will begin at 7 pm and concludes at 9 pm with 30 minutes afterwards for informal conversation.
The price for the full evening program series is $60 for ITPI members and $75 for the general public. You can also register for single dates for $25 (ITPI Members) and $30 (Gen. Public). Space for the series is limited, and registration is provided on a first come, first served basis. Your payment reserves your spot for the evening. Should you be unable to attend a session, we will forward an mp3 recording of Michael's presentation. 
For more information, please contact Robert: robert@itp-international.org.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Pam Kramer, Barry Robbins and Robert Stewart
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