The Power of Practice, ITP Retreat in Southern France - Day 1

July 1st, 2017 10:00 AM  through  5:30 PM

Experience ITP in an Extraordinary Setting!

Journey with us to the Basque region of Southern France to join ITP International's global community
for an inspiring 3-day experience of practice. Whether new to ITP or a seasoned practitioner, this retreat is
a chance to relax, renew and reflect on your practice and vision for
the future.

Join Pamela Kramer, ITP Mastery Teacher and ITPI President, to discover the essentials of ITP, Leonard Energy Training and emerging practices aimed at cultivating your extraordinary nature: 
  • ITP Kata, a 45-minute series of gentle movements to engage your whole being - body, mind, heart and soul
  • Affirmations for manifesting positive changes in your life
  • Exercises for balancing, centering and revitalizing your entire being
  • Peaceful and effective communication skills with yourself and others
  • Visualization, meditation and relaxation techniques to bring you into the present moment
The Extraordinary Setting
The Power of Practice retreat offers the opportunity to engage in practice while enjoying an invigorating holiday in France. Set in a serene, natural environment along the Atlantic Ocean, the setting at Club Belambra de Soustons overlooks a marine lake surrounded by a pine forest and is less than a mile from the beach and downtown Soustons-Plage.
Registration for retreat due May 21, 2017.

About ITP
Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) is designed for realizing the full potential of your entire being - body, mind, heart and soul. Created in 1992 by Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy and human potential pioneer George Leonard, ITP is a personal development program for all people motivated to lead a balanced, vital and healthy life.
About ITP France
ITP France, a non profit association, was created to help steward the practice in France. Retreat organizers include ITP Bordeaux group leaders Isabelle Goldie and Jacques Moreau who are available for questions about the retreat and their ITP group in Bordeaux. Claire Lustig-Rochet practices ITP in Paris and welcomes your participation there and at the retreat. 
Avenue de la Pètre
Soustons-Plage, 40140

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