Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2022

The powers of body, mind, heart and soul This second issue of our 2022 quarterly newsletter centers on this theme of body, mind, heart and soul connection for transformation.

Experiencing the Integrative Essence of ITP

By Eric Carlson
The powers of body, mind, heart and soul which, when balanced and integrated, awaken us to infinite possibilities for greater life. While the Kata is an extremely effective way to integrate and support body, mind, heart and soul evolution, I sought to bring these quadrants of being together through another passion – exercise.

Cultivating Transformation With Your ITP Kata Practice

By Eric Carlson
Committing to an ITP Kata practice requires discipline and the rewards are truly life-changing. There is a reason long-time practitioners shine their beautiful light upon the transformative nature of a daily Kata practice.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2021

In our Spring issue, we continue to explore what makes ITP distinctive, generative and ever-evolving. Imagine the practice of ITP as a 4-legged stool with these sturdy legs: theory, practice, community and research. These components are designed to provide a balanced approach for our transformative journey. Let's take a peek at those elements now.

ITPI Newsletter Articles - Spring 2019

This newsletter showcases the physical aspect of the integral and ways to explore body-based fitness through our practice. Enjoy reading articles from our contributors on the power of Aikido, strength training, aerobics and ways to nourish the body.