Activating the Ki of Cooperation

with Emanuel Kuntzelman

April 10 to July 10, 2021 - See program details for full list of dates (all times PDT)
Online Event via Zoom

Our personal transformation has never been so vital to the evolutionary unfolding of our world. Get inspired and energized to extend your practice outward in service during our upcoming Ki of Cooperation pilot. Join us to explore our intricate connection to a living universe and ways to strengthen relationships, communities and global networks for the good of all people and planet.

Experience highlights and practices drawn from The Ki of Cooperation, developed and sponsored by ITPI, to put your practice into action for greater harmony and positive change in the world - from the inside out.

In this program series, you will experience:

  • Insights from Emanuel Kuntzelman on what physicist David Bohm called the holomovement, a unifying worldview of unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence, offering us meaning, hope and evolutionary direction
  • Ki of Cooperation interactive exercises aimed at building a cooperative global society for all by cultivating wholeness and harmony within ourselves and with those around us
  • Spirited engagement and learning with a supportive community of fellow practitioners

Emanuel Kuntzelman, Greenheart International and Purpose Earth cofounder, shares insights followed by practice segments led by facilitators, dyad breakouts to apply learning, Q&A and whole group conversation.

Session 1 / April 10

Introduction to the holomovement, its origin, attributes and relationship to transformation. Learn key concepts and practices from the Ki of Cooperation to tap into the body's wisdom for balance and readiness. 

Session 2 / May 22

Exploration of relational aspects of holomovement, tracing essential individual rights to the emergence of the global good. Practices for skillful expression on feelings and needs to create harmony with another.

Session 3 / June 12

Focus on the sociological impact of the holomovement and collective response to current crises reflected in our habits. Practices to develop capacity for cooperating in a community based on values, inquiry and ability to blend.

Session 4 / July 10

Envisioning the influence of the holomovement on a new paradigm in leadership and ways we can use our practice to cooperate as a unifying global organism for the good of the whole.

$90 for ITPI members | $100 general public - Or pay as you can

Series Facilitators

Emanuel Kuntzelman

Emanuel Kuntzelman is a social entrepreneur, writer, and inspirational speaker. He founded the Chicago-based non-profit Greenheart International in 1985 and the Fundación por el Futuro in Madrid, Spain, in 1995.

He is also the co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement, which partnered with Unity Earth in 2020 to launch Purpose Earth, an initiative funding projects around the world.

Emanuel currently serves on the boards of Integral Transformative Practice International and Unity Earth, and is a Senior Advisor to Greenheart, the Laszlo Institute and A New Republic of the Heart. He is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and is co-editor of Purpose Rising.


Pam Kramer

Pamela Kramer is President of ITP International, a non-profit organization that stewards ITP and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy. Pam is an ITP Mastery teacher, is on the faculty of Esalen Institute and presents workshops at venues in the US and abroad. She is engaged in training ITP teachers, helping to form ITP groups and bring integral principles and practices to the workplace. Pam is a performance consultant and executive coach with 30 years' consulting experience for organizations and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This program is presented and sponsored by ITP International, a 501(c)3 educational non profit formed in 2005 to steward Integral Transformative Practice and the work of its founders, George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) is a well-researched program designed to help people realize their greater capacities and awaken the world to its fullest potential. ITP supports positive growth and healthy change of individuals, groups and organizations through dedicated, comprehensive practice, over time.