Integral Leadership in Action workshop

Tulsa, OK


6110 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136


An Integral Leader is a powerful force for positive transformation on the planet. By consciously cultivating all aspects of yourself – your own body, mind, heart, and soul – you can activate and inspire the highest capacities in yourself and others for positive impact in the world. This is a workshop aimed at envisioning how to lead your own life with purpose, compassion and a deep reverence for life.

In this experience, you will develop your capacity to:

  • Connect and re-connect to your own sense of the divine, to the place from which the source of life is emerging
  • Tap into your soul’s purpose and follow its intuitive guidance in the world
  • Follow the impulse of evolutionary love, ensuring your intentions and actions support the highest and best for all
  • Feel and trust larger forces at work and learn practices to support you to remain open and receptive as you balance “doing and being”
  • Successfully transform hits into gifts to support a higher calling and generate positive outcomes for yourself and the world
  • Encourage and elicit the best in yourself by affirming your fullest flowering and greatness and do the same with everyone you encounter

This workshop includes mindful movement, the ITP Kata and the support of a heartfelt community of practitioners, all within the framework of being one’s own authority.

With a solid foundation based in Integral Transformative Practice, Integral Leadership is a platform for taking your soul’s purpose from your own home out into the world.

For more information, contact Roger Marsh or Pam Kramer.