5th Annual 9 Commitment Challenge

August 29 - November 20, 2021

You're invited to join us as we launch the 5th annual 9 Commitment Challenge on Sunday, August 29. Our 2021 Challenge offers you new ways to explore the 9 commitments, deepen your practice and integrate your whole being - body, mind, heart and soul - in community!

Let's Get Started!

To prepare for the 9 Commitment Challenge, we ask that you look within and discover those parts of yourself that have been hidden from view and bring them into the light. Listen to their voices and use their energy to carry you forward on your transformative path.

Some specifics on how the Challenge works:
  • Enter as a solo practitioner or as part of a team that either you create or we help you create.
  • Challengers receive directions with the daily and weekly challenges.
  • Online progress tracking is provided for both solo and team participants.
  • Info shared on ways to stay engaged while traveling or if sick.

The Challenge costs $25 to enter.

Thank you for your interest in ITP and in the 9 Commitment Challenge. Let's bring the commitments into our lives with love.  

As George Leonard would say, "Let's do it!"

More details to come!

Challenge Leader

Charlotte Hatch

Charlotte Hatch, a dedicated practitioner of ITP, has been practicing ITP since its inception in 1991 when she was a member of George and Michael’s “experimental group.” She is an ITP Mastery teacher, co-founded ITP San Francisco in 2006 and is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido. Charlotte has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the Mastery, Integral Leadership and the Ki of Cooperation trainings and leads workshops in LET and ITP. Charlotte leads our 9 Commitment Challenge program.