4th Annual 9 Commitment Challenge




ITP International is pleased to announce the 4th Annual ITP 9 Commitment Challenge, beginning Sunday, August 30 and ending on Saturday, November 21. Our 2020 Challenge offers you new ways to explore the 9 commitments and feel the balance that comes with increased integration of your whole being - body, mind, heart and soul.


In reviewing the 9 commitments during our planning, this one jumped off the page:  

For each six- to twelve-month period, I make at least one affirmation having to do with significant positive change within.


How wonderful to make a special affirmation for the 12-weeks Challenge! 
To prepare for the Challenge, we suggest you search within for a positive statement of a new reality that will enable you to realize more of your potential. Our aim is for you to personalize the Challenge and enjoy a deeper experience of your practice. Click here to learn more about ITP affirmations.


As we all know, 2020 has been an unusual year where we've been asked to stay at home as much as possible. The virus has given us opportunities to focus more on our interior landscape, from the nature of our home environment to our deepest dreams, fears and yearnings. To prepare for the 9 Commitment Challenge we ask that you look within and discover those parts of yourself that have been hidden from view and bring them into the light. Listen to their voices and use their energy to carry you forward on your transformative path.


The Challenge will, in other ways, be similar to the other years. Here are some specifics on how it will work:

  • Competition returns! You can enter as a solo practitioner or as part of a team that you create or we help you create.
  • Challengers receive directions with the daily and weekly challenges.
  • Online progress tracking is provided for both solo and team participants.
  • Info provided on ways to stay engaged while traveling or if you are sick. We want you to succeed and feel good about your progress, no matter what. The main point is to remain connected to your practice.


The Challenge costs $25 to enter. 

EVERYONE who completes the Challenge wins and gets the prize. Exactly what does "completing the Challenge" mean? It means:

  1. Living the 9 Commitments to the best of your ability for 12 weeks
  2. Honestly assessing the state of your whole being each day and allowing your participation to flow from it appropriately
  3. Filling out your spreadsheet each week for the whole 12 weeks


Further Explanation

If something prevents you from performing any part of the practice, do as much of it as you can. If your honest assessment tells you that you should stay quiet, then do the quiet parts of the practice. Doing whatever you can do on any day or length of days will earn you points.


Next Steps


Thank you for your interest in ITP and in the 9 Commitment Challenge. Let's bring the commitments into our lives with love.  

As George Leonard would say, "Let's do it!"