3rd Annual 9 Commitment Challenge


Online only.


ITP International is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual ITP 9 Commitment Challenge. It will begin on Sunday, August 25 and end on Saturday, November 17. This year the Challenge will be a personal one. There will not be any team or group entries. When you enter, you'll be challenging yourself to deepen your experience of the ITP practice for 12 weeks. You'll have the opportunity to increase the integration of your whole self by shining the light of your awareness on each aspect: body, mind, heart and soul. With this integration you may experience greater balance in your life. You'll also have the knowledge that you're walking the path of practice in the company of the global ITP community. Where will this path lead? The journey is yours to discover.

The mechanics of the Challenge will be similar to the last 2 years. Everyone who enters will have a column on a google spreadsheet. Each week you'll give yourself 1 point for every kata, 1 point for a ½ hour of exercise, and 2 points for completing the weekly Challenge. Your total number of points will automatically tally in your column. 


The Challenge will cost $25 to enter. 

EVERYONE who completes the Challenge will win and get the prize. Exactly what does "completing the Challenge" mean? It means:

  1. Living the 9 Commitments to the best of your ability for 12 weeks
  2. Honestly assessing the state of your whole being each day and allowing your participation to flow from it appropriately
  3. Filling out your spreadsheet each week for the whole 12 weeks


Further Explanation

If something prevents you from performing any part of the practice, do as much of it as you can. If your honest assessment tells you that you should stay quiet, then do the quiet parts of the practice. Doing whatever you can do on any day or length of days will earn you points.


Next Steps