Navigating the Road to Renewal

Find Purpose, Stability & Renewal During Times of Change

Workshop & Retreat | April 13-15, 2018 - The Whitehall, Houston, TX

Virtual Sessions | Four 2-hour virtual sessions, April 26, May 10, May 24 and June 7, at 9-11am CST. Pre-call on April 5.

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Are you experiencing disruption, evaluating future changes, or tackling significant change now? If so, this workshop is for you. Navigating the Road to Renewal will deepen your sense of direction and focus your energy in ways that positively impact your world. Job or life transition may prompt attendance, but anyone seeking to purposefully plan, act and renew should enroll.

• Get clear on priorities by exploring where are you now and where you truly want to be

• Develop a forward-looking navigational plan

• Learn to renew your energy and stay on-purpose

We will develop your Navigation Plan at the workshop. Participants will leave with deeper clarity, a more meaningful focus for time and effort and a pathway for staying renewed and on-purpose. Enrollment limited to 20.

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Questions? Please contact Kim Kristenson-Lee at: or (925) 895-6072 (receives text).


Retreat - April 13-15, Workshop begins at 3pm on April 13. Lunch included April 14 and 15. Workshop concludes by 3pm Sunday

Virtual Follow-up Sessions - Four 2-hour virtual sessions

Workshop Assessments - Including the 16pf® (Personality Factor) Development Report; the Passion Test™; and the Renewal Pulse Check™

Workshop Materials - Books encouraged as preparation: The Life We Are Given, by George Leonard and Michael Murphy; Mastery, by George Leonard. Materials provided at the retreat: Road to Renewal Workbook; Navigation Plan Template


Kim Kristenson-Lee, Program Developer and Faculty, Advisor for Center for Purposeful Leadership and Managing Partner, Labyrinth Leadership, LLC, assists organizations and individuals in navigating change and realizing renewal. Kim has over twenty-five years of experience in human performance, strategy & planning and leadership development.
Charlotte Hatch, Faculty, is a 4th degree black belt in Aikido and studies and instructs at City Aikido in San Francisco under Robert Nadeau, Shihan. Charlotte leads workshops on energy management and personal development with ITP International.
Roger Marsh, Faculty, holds a B.S. in Engineering, a Master's in Business, is a Certified Life Coach and mastery-level teacher of personal growth and change. Working with both individuals and organizations, Roger's passion is to facilitate wisdom for action in the world.

Special Guests: Pamela Kramer - President, ITP International and Career Consultant; Tim Mitchell - Integral Business Leader and Energy Industry Capital Project Leader 

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ITP is a personal development practice that supports positive change over time. ITP provides a framework for setting goals, maintaining healthful habits and maintaining group support. Integral Transformative Practice International (ITPI) is a non-profit organization that advances the adventure of Integral Transformative Practice.