The 5 Keys to Mastery

The 5 Keys to Mastery
Featuring George Leonard

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What makes a Grammy-winning musician, an Olympic athlete, a Nobel Prize-winner or a successful entrepreneur?

Best-selling author George Leonard (Mastery, The Ultimate Athlete, andEducation and Ecstasy) devoted a lifetime to uncovering the essential traits that allow the superstars of our culture to soar.

The 5 Keys to Mastery reveals the simple, essential elements that can transform any life into one of high achievement.

Leonard is joined by twelve of the most successful people of our time - including BB King, Carlos Santana, Linux inventor Linus Torvalds, and Nobel laureate Eric Kandel - who share their personal stories, practices and techniques for using the five keys. Practical, enlightening and inspiring, The 5 Keys to Mastery delivers the new millennium formula for lifelong success and personal fulfillment. DVD, 60 minutes.