Three Gems from George Leonard

Spoken by George Leonard

In these three recordings by George Leonard, co-founder of ITP International, he presents his ideas about the extraordinary capacity of the human being to be creative, to experience a fresh, clear view of reality and what’s required to grow and transform.

Recognizing Your Genius 
George Leonard suggests that the human brain is infinitely creative. In this audio, he describes the incredible power of the human brain to reorganize, rebuild and reconstruct itself from birth to death.

Homeostasis & Resistance to Change 
In this spirited presentation, George Leonard describes the reasons why we humans are wired to resist change and how we can negotiate with resistance in order to grow and transform.

Crystalline State  
The Crystalline State exercise provides a means for temporarily setting aside expectations, judgments and considerations, allowing your mind and heart to perceive yourself and others in a clear, unbiased way.

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