Golf in the Kingdom 2013 was a joy! We were treated to tips for the spirit, and the swing, and the wonderful conduits between them. The company was great, the laughter frequent, the learning deep, the hospitality sincere…most definitely I'll be back!

— Cinder Warren, Managing Director, Vespra Hills Golf Club, Ontario, Canada

I had a wonderful time playing golf at the Golf in the Kingdom event! I had never played golf before and I was a little apprehensive that my inexperience would inconvenience the other players in my foursome.

The rounds were organized in such a way that this was no problem at all. There was no competition between the members of my team. They gave me wonderful golf lessons, better than anything I could have purchased from a pro-shop. By the end of the day I was driving balls onto the green! I'll never forget the feeling I had the first time I connected solidly with the ball! POW!

The day was an exciting and rewarding experience from start to finish. Many thanks to all who contributed their time and energy to make it that way.

— Charlotte Hatch, ITP Mastery Teacher and ITP SF Group Leader

At the conclusion of the Golf in the Kingdom tournament, Michael and I began a discussion on golf, sport and the mind, soul, spirit, body connection that leads one to optimum performance. We hit a new ceiling the following night at dinner that lasted into the wee hours. All of us got insights into why famous coaches like Bill Walsh (SF 49ers 3 Superbowls), Phil Jackson (11 NBA Championships), Pete Carroll (2005 National Championship at USC and now Seattle Seahawks Head Coach) have brought Michael into their inner circle and created a winning recipe.

— Bobby Clampett, Champions Tour Player and National Sports Commentator 

After 30 years of my intention to study at Esalen Institute, I finally got there a year ago. When I returned home, I received an invitation to participate in the ITPI Golf in the Kingdom Tournament. (ITPI was co-founded by Michael Murphy, who also co-founded Esalen.) I had no idea how synchronistic this event would be in my life. I got to meet Michael Murphy, he signed my copy of Golf in the Kingdom and then my foursome won the tournament. It was a miracle! 

— Tom Lewis, Mastery Participant, Tango Teacher and Business Owner


Meggyesy Muses on GKM 2012

By David Meggyesy, former linebacker with the St. Louis Cardinals

The 2nd annual Golf in the Kingdom Marathon (GKM) held at the Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael, CA, in August 2012, is yet another reflection of the staying power of Michael Murphy’s classic book Golf in the Kingdom. The book speaks to us athletes, not necessarily just golfers, (my golf game is “flog,” golf spelled backwards) and hits a vein regarding the bedrock of sport and the athletic experience. Sport is an expression of our primal human energy, indeed the energy of life itself. It provides its practitioners with the experience of unity, the non-dual experience of reality called “the Zone.” As Murphy put it may years ago, “Sport is our emerging Western Yoga.”

GKM is produced by Integral Transformative Practice International (ITPI), a non-profit founded 20 years ago by Murphy and the late George Leonard. ITPI’s mission is to bring to the world a consciousness awareness practice for householders, those of us working in the world.

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